Spier Contemporary Funders

Spier Contemporary Art – Cape Town – South African Culture


Spier Holdings, the principal funder of the Spier Contemporary 2010, encourages the expression of creative thought because they believe it challenges us to think, reflect and communicate in uniquely powerful ways.

Spier’s investment in the arts underpins their belief that artistic and cultural expression plays a transformative role in society. Since 1996, Spier’s principal community social investment has been in the visual and performing arts.

Spier’s commitment to the arts seeks to acknowledge Africa’s artistic heritage, protect its legacy and contribute to shaping its future. Projects such as the Spier Contemporary, have the ability to develop artists and new audiences and offers Spier the unique opportunity to realise this commitment.

National Lottery - committed to art and culture in South Africa

National Lottery

National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund is a proud supporter of the Spier Contemporary 2010. Funding from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) is made possible through the participation of the millions of South Africans in the National Lottery. May the stage you offer the artists open doors to many more opportunities. The promotion of the arts is the promotion of South Africa.

National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund is supporting the Spier Contemporary Curatorial Training Programme, Fort Hare Residency, Visual Art Workshops, the Performing Arts Workshops and the Educational Programme at the Exhibition.

City of Cape Town – committed to art and culture in South Africa

The City of Cape Town

The City supports the Spier Contemporary 2010 exhibition because it contributes towards social cohesion and helps make Cape Town a better place to live in.

Plascon - committed to art and culture in South Africa


Plascon has a natural synergy with the Arts and our association with the Spier Contemporary 2010 art exhibition is both a great privilege and pleasure to us. Although our paints may be used on different canvases – from buildings to floors to cars to roads – we are also a part of the creative process and the delivery of art to different audiences. Plascon’s love of art and our passion for the creative is evident in activities such as our building refurbishment (including a historical building in Cape Town), and our support of exhibitions of unique South African artworks to audiences from all over the world during the upcoming World Cup festivities. We are showcasing our passion for paint by creating the ‘backdrop’ for the Spier Contemporary 2010 in the grand spaces of the Cape Town City Hall. We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of the work.


As a Cape Town-based retail marketing solutions company, Todwil prides itself on innovation and pushing at the boundaries of conventional thought. Todwil is delighted to assist Spier Contemporary in its marketing strategy with unconventional marketing tools to help change the way that people interact with art in their world.