Angela de Jesus*

Control Room (Video installation, Size variable)

Control Room (Video installation, Size variable)

Artist's Statement

*Spier Contemporary 2010 Winner: Angela de Jesus has been awarded one of the residency prizes by the Thamdigi Foundation Prize in Arnhem, Netherlands

My Portuguese heritage within a family of shopkeepers and my experience of working in a small take away shop, situated on the periphery of Bloemfontein’s central business district and its neighbouring townships, has proven to be complex and multifaceted. This experience has, however, provided me with a selective viewpoint from which to investigate intricacies involved in intercultural exchange and visual perception. The collection and appropriation of surveillance footage from CCTV cameras installed in the shop, and the production of my own videos with hidden digital handheld camcorders around this space, has provided a medium with which to identify and raise questions about forms of economic and visual exchange. It has also given me a means with which to make sense of my position as a young second generation Portuguese woman and visual artist, living and working in this environment; a position that is coupled with its own generalisations, assumptions and stereotypes.

Artist's Biography

Born: Kroonstad, 1982. Lives and works in Bloemfontein. Received her MFA. Major exhibitions: Sasol New Signatures Competition at the Pretoria Art Museum; Absa L’Atelier, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg; Bellville Gallery, Cape Town; Oliewenhuis Art Museum. Awards and scholarships: Sasol New Signatures (merit winner), Xposure Award (merit winner).