Arie Kuijers

Solitaire/Alleenspel (Mixed media installation, Size variable)

Solitaire/Alleenspel (Mixed media installation, Size variable)

Artist's Statement

This set/pair of files is dedicated to Egon Schiele, the first major artist to deal with solo sex in explicit (main stream) art works. The theme of masturbation is still avoided in the arts, although it can be considered to be our primary sex life while everything beyond solo sex is our way of socialising our sex life. The subject lends itself to enticing depictions, from the smutty to the funny. The approach can be didactic (explanatory) and exploratory and/or experiential. Images used are mainly lifted from gay adult magazines and presented here in two sets of collages to be opened/displayed in different combinations. The double pages invite the viewer to look for combinations that work for him (or her). In a way this installation becomes an active ‘partner’ in the exploration of the work itself and in the effect it has on the viewer.
Solitaire/Alleenspel (Mixed media installation, Size variable)

Artist's Biography

Born: Vriezenveen, The Netherlands, 1951. Lives and works in Bloemfontein. Received his BBil, BA(Hons), BPhil and MA in Art History. Major exhibitions: Sasol New Signature, Pretoria Art Museum; Brett Kebble Art Awards; Spier Contemporary 2007/08; Goodman Gallery, Cape Town; Free State Contemporary.