Candice Borzechowski

Safety 1st (Mixed media installation, 70 x 140 x 32 cm)

Safety 1st (Mixed media installation, 70 x 140 x 32 cm)

Artist's Statement

Searching for what is not there by shaping the absence, Safety 1st speaks of people’s need for, and right to, safety. Through this sculpture I wanted to somehow erase a symbol of violence and tackle the shenanigans of South Africa’s Arms Deal debacles where purchased armaments never materialised. Weapons do not make you feel safe; comfort and connection do. Safety pins connect, repairing a rift by holding things together, placed next to our skin without the fear of pierced flesh. The individual is fractured through the reflection, making violence personal, bringing it home. During the meditative process of attaching each of the 3000 safety pins, the mantra that kept repeating itself to me was ‘safety first’.

Artist's Biography

Born: Cape Town, 1977. Lives and works in Cape Town. Received her BA(FA) from the University of Cape Town.