Carla Liesching

The Swimmers: Part I, II & III (Photographic print, 60 x 170 cm)

The Swimmers: Part I, II & III (Photographic print, 60 x 170 cm)

Artist's Statement

The Swimmers is an ongoing series of photographs in which I am questioning identity linked to both space and how we think of home. The work has grown out of personal circumstances and is a set of responses to a current moment in my life. These circumstances are not particularly uncommon, in that they involve a state of being in the world that is becoming the defining trait of our generation and time: A collective sense of displacement, an awareness of foreignness and a search for belonging that cannot be tied to one fixed geographical or geological place. The Swimmers refers to an identity caught up in a state of constant flux, to liminal spaces where borders are constantly erased and redrawn. 

Artist's Biography

Born: Cape Town, 1985. Lives and works in Johannesburg. Received her BA(FA) from Rhodes University. Major exhibitions: ‘Art from the Ground Up’, Germany; Absa L’Atelier, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg.