Jonathan Garnham

Untitled (Gold Chain) (Chain, 29,850 cm)

Untitled (Gold Chain) (Chain, 29,850 cm)

Artist's Statement

For the Spier Contemporary 2010 exhibition, I give the City Hall a gold necklace. The golden chain is 298.5 metres long (the circumference of the building). It hangs from the highest possible ceiling (approximately six metres high) in one of the exhibition spaces. It forms a delicate vertical column that would catch and reflect light. The rest of the chain forms a loose golden pile on the floor, at the foot of the column. The necklace makes reference to the City Hall’s state of neglect - the city council recently put any major renovations on hold - and is an attempt to draw attention to this state and to give the building some glamour. It is a site-specific work that relates to the architecture of the exhibition space: the circumference of the building; the height of an interior space. The chain is of normal necklace thickness and is made of gold-coated metal.

Artist's Biography

Born: Cape Town, 1965. Lives and works in Cape Town. Received his MFA from the University of Arts, Berlin in 1996.