Leán Coetzer

Lullaby (Performance)

Lullaby (Performance)

Artist's Statement

As a professional dancer, I am now deconstructing my technique and rethinking platforms for performance. I am drawn to movements that cannot be controlled by the dancer. My hair is a newly found ‘limb’ that has surprising agility and flexibility and I am happy to submit my choreography to its spontaneous nature. In Lullaby the rhythm is made visible by wind from two pretty hairdryers. The dancer sits indoors and is static, yet the hair wakens to the wild, unpredictable spirit of the wind. Lullaby is a hair dance to the music of Kalimba Lullaby by Mr. Cat and the Jackal.

Artist's Biography

Born: Middelburg, 1969. Lives and works in Riebeek Kasteel. Received her formal ballet and contemporary dance training at the Pretoria Art, Ballet, Music and Drama School. She is the founder and member of PACT Dance Company. Awards & scholarships: Beeld Aartvark prize at the Aardklop Festival, 2001.