Lucas Nkahloleng Thobejane

Bricklayer (Wood, 40 x 30 x 20 cm)

Bricklayer (Wood, 40 x 30 x 20 cm)

Artist's Statement

Woza 2010, Woza Bafanabafana: There is a lot of noise about the FIFA World Cup. Everyone will be watching, and this is what my work is about. But the material I used for this sculpture is not the wood I normally use: it is soap. As a material, soap is not as permanent as wood: it comes and it goes. Like the World Cup, it comes and it goes. The size of the sculpture, its miniature form, also refers to the fact that this big noise, the World Cup, will come and go.

Shoe Maker: Where I live there is an old man who had been a shoe-maker before I was born and even now he is still a strong shoe-maker in our village. The designs of this old man’s shoes were beautiful and he used to call young people to join him in his work so that he may share his ideas with them. He used to tell them that he would do no other work: only the work he loves. I made shoes with the mouth of a woman as a symbol of love and a call to the shoe-maker not to leave his work.

Bricklayer: This work is created from traditional wood and is about those who are living in urban areas where some don’t have bricks to build their houses, especially those who are living in shacks. They go out looking at building construction sites all around the town to collect the damaged bricks so that they can use the bricks to build or extend their shacks.

Artist's Biography

Born: Ga-Nkoana Village, Sekhukhune District, 1973. Lives and works in Ga- Nkoana Village. Major exhibitions: Polokwane Art Museum; ABSA Art Gallery, Johannesburg; Franco Mozambique Museum; Sasol Gallery, Stellenbosch; Gordart Gallery, Johannesburg; Sasol New Signatures Competition; Absa L’Atelier; Spier Contemporary 2007/08.