Maja Maljevic

Insider (Oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm)

Insider (Oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm)

Artist's Statement

Painting requires experience, dedication, boredom, excitement, dissatisfaction and an eye for possibilities I enjoy a visual ensemble that includes the figurative and the abstract, the organic and geometric, the obvious and the elusive. Put them all together and you get an eclectic remix where any one thing can be something else. A portrait can rise out of a still life, a still life can descend into a landscape, a finger is a toe and two legs, slightly parted, might be a whisper. To make something is to sound its own purpose, its own existence.

Artist's Biography

Born: Belgrade, Serbia, 1973. Lives and works in Westdene, Johannesburg. Graduated from the School for Design in Belgrade in 1992 and received his BA(FA) in 1997 and MFA in 2000 from the University of Arts, Belgrade. Major exhibitions: David Krut Projects, Obert Contemporary and Spark Gallery, in Johannesburg; Gallery Zvono, Belgrade.