Matthew Hindley

I Meant to Have but Modest Needs (Oil on canvas, 195 x 320 cm)

I Meant to Have but Modest Needs (Oil on canvas, 195 x 320 cm)

Artist's Statement

In this painting, I explore the subtleties of humane darkness, with the studio as testing ground for a potential creative utopia. Rich, velvet darkness is suggestive of loss – of consciousness, light, power, sanity – and unhindered exploration of desires usually contained in the realm of dreams is made possible. Formally, while the work is a figurative rendition of a moment in time, its surface tilts towards abstraction, throwing a thin veil over realism in favour of interpretive memory. I explore the generosity of the colour black, creating visual planes as darkly exhilarating as the fundamental schizophrenia of confronting issues of identity, sexuality and death.

Artist's Biography

Born: Cape Town, 1974. Lives and works in Cape Town and Berlin. Received his BA(FA) from the University of Cape Town. Major exhibitions: South African National Gallery and Bell Roberts Gallery in Cape Town; Showroom, Berlin, Germany; Danubiana Art Museum, Bratislava; Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum; National Centre for African American Arts, Boston, USA.