Matthew Kalil

State of the Nation (Sound installation, Size variable)

State of the Nation (Sound installation, Size variable)

Artist's Statement

In what was possibly the most important election since 1994, South Africans went to the polls on the 22nd of April 2009. The event was covered on radio by SAFM with news, opinions and political interviews. This coverage was recorded for twenty four hours and each and every hesitation – each ‘um’ – was isolated. The ‘ums’ were then cleaned up and laid out in the order in which they appeared on radio, resulting in an eighteen minute piece. The work plays on a portable radio. Besides the work encapsulating South Africa’s new lack of simple moral direction, the tentative political and social landscape, in which it is difficult to say anything unequivocal, is also evident in the work. The real indecision many voters faced during this election, which was more ideologically ambiguous than were earlier elections post-1994, is also apparent.

Artist's Biography

Born: Cape Town, 1973. Lives and works in Cape Town. Received his MA from the University of Leeds, UK. Major exhibitions: The Castle of Good Hope; South African National Gallery; The Brett Kebble Art Awards, CTICC Cape Town.