Maurice Mbikayi

Voices (Performance)

Voices (Performance)

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Artist's Statement

In this work, I explore elements of an existing relationship between a new country and me: things that are subjects of questioning and debate. I’m inspired, in this performance, by living in a cosmopolitan society and experiencing a multifaceted reality of cultures, tribes, languages and races. I therefore approach the question of identity and difference. My experience as a foreign black male living in constant uncertainty can sometimes make me defensive. Identity and difference can be a positive thing, of richness and diversity. However, in many cases there is a perception of divergence and distance. Therefore my relationship with South Africa generally, and Cape Town in particular, is both positive and negative. It is about anxiety, the question of origin and space and the violence that results when one has to compete for priority and attention. But it is also a new social place of richness and diversity.

Artist's Biography

Born: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1974. Lives and works in Cape Town. Received his State Diploma in Art from the Institut des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa, in 1994 and his Diploma in Graphic Design & Visual Communication from the Academie des Beaux Arts, Kinshasa in 2000. He also studied photography at Vega in 2009. Major exhibitions: AVA Gallery, Blank Projects, Sanlam Art Gallery and Alliance Française, in Cape Town; National Gallery of Harare, Zimbabwe.