Michael MacGarry

LHR-JNB (High Definition video, 13 minutes)

LHR-JNB (High Definition video, 13 minutes)

Artist's Statement

Was this darkness always with us? This rubbery tomb we sewed with our fluids and bones and juices. From plans drawn in the soft flesh of our scalps, just above our weathered necks. This diagram of a prison, we always knew. The novelty soon wears thin. All of us, individuals, foraging for goods and pleasures. Nationalities, histories, singular experiences, forged and grafted in the mechanical transit of bodies. It breaks apart and the routine assumes the norm. As the vice tightens, the hours become years. Days become months. Today becomes everyday. We work ourselves thin. For money. For future freedoms. For the dim assurances of our families. We survive in these countless shapes – repeating the same mistakes, taking the same risks, enjoying identical pains. Do you imagine your sufferings to be less? Do you imagine they are important? That they will be remembered? We have come out far, to where we are, here, where we cannot tell ourselves apart. And here – see for yourself – we have no tragedies. No heroics. No light. Yet each time, you and I start from scratch. How do we escape to familiar shores? Here, we are the captives of our cowardly designs. Here, we are adrift from ourselves. Consigned to these murky depths.

Cast: Jan-Henri Booyens, Michael MacGarry, Jaco van Schalkwyk Marcel Waldeck Cinematographer: Robert Wilson Narrator: Jaco van Schalkwyk Original score: Richard Brokensha Film editor: Jaco van Schalkwyk

Artist's Biography

Born: 1978. Lives and works in Johannesburg. Received his BA(FA)(Hons) at the Technikon Natal in 2000 and his MFA from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2004. Major exhibitions: Brodie/ Stevenson, Johannesburg; KZNSA Gallery, Durban; The Premises Gallery, Johannesburg. Standard Bank Young Artist Award Winner 2010.