Motseokae Klas Thibeletsa

Street Kids (Oil on board 127 x 195 cm)

Street Kids (Oil on board 127 x 195 cm)

Artist's Statement

Violent Husband: The violent husband abuses his wife, specifically when drunk. The behaviour started when he was young. He might be copying his father’s deeds, thinking this is the right way of treating the opposite sex. As an adult he still does the same. I believe we, as men, must be in the forefront in teaching our boys that it is wrong to abuse girls. Everybody should be respected regardless of his or her sex. We have to be good examples. In this instance she survived because she is a religious person. This helped her to cope better. The abuse did not affect her alone; it affected the whole family.

Street Kids: More and more kids are living on the street. This is a sign of a serious societal problem. A solution must be found to remedy this problem. Where is our Ubuntu? Programmes must be followed strictly by all of us: the community, the government and non-government organisations. I’ve done this painting to highlight their plight.

Artist's Biography

Born: Soutpan, Free State 1960. Studied at the Mmabana Cultural Centre from 1996 to 1998. Major exhibitions: Development Bank Art Exhibition, Johannesburg; Expo 2000, Germany; Sasol New Signatures Exhibition Competition. Awards and scholarships: Won the Health and Social Welfare Middle School Art Competition; Cultural Calabash Trophy; Kemptom Park Fine Art Competition (Top 15 award in 1997 and Top 100 award in 1998); Sasol New Signatures Competition (first prize); Ekhurhuleni Metropolitan City Fine Art Competition (third prize); Macufe Art Festival (second prize); Xpozure Advertising Award (First prize).