Mxolisi Nkomonde

Itch (Performance)

Itch (Performance)

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Artist's Statement

As an artist, I draw inspiration from the challenges I face in everyday life, and the ways in which I overcome these challenges. During the apartheid era my family was forced to flee from the city to traditional farm life in Newcastle. It was there that I found nature and the spiritual. On my return to the city at the age of thirteen, I came back with something that made me different from others. My work came as a feeling. I didn’t resist my deepest thoughts, and by finding the balance between spirit, mind and body, I could visualise my thoughts and make them real. For me, that is where the creativity lies. While experimenting with an orange, I realised how it uses its peels as a defence mechanism. The peels give off a sour sharp sensation which quickly attacks the sensitive areas of the human senses, especially the eyes and nose and lips. In this piece, the oranges also represent sores: sores as symptom of a trauma but also a means of protection, of a fight, of defence.

Artist's Biography

Born: Umlazi, 1986. Lives and works in Durban. He trained at the Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre. Major exhibitions: FNB Dance Umbrella, National Arts Festival, Metropolis Biennale, Copenhagen, Durban Art Gallery. Awards and scholarships: Best Newcomer(Dance link) 2006.