Philippe Kayumba-wa-Yafolo

Newspaper Persona (Performance)

Newspaper Persona (Performance)

Artist's Statement

Newspaper Persona: We live in an information society where many people, especially across the continent of Africa, are not participating fully. Many South Africans want to realize participatory democracy and equal protection. They crave change: broader employment opportunities, greater housing options and better access to human services. But do they read newspapers and make use of other media to transform desires into real change? The work I seek to create will build a new artistic language that is siteresponsive and accesses sense and emotional memory through what I call the Newspaper Persona.

Walking Together Performance: In this performance, two people are walking together: a South African woman and a foreigner. The man is walking with short and slow, measured steps. He has very strong feelings in his heart for this woman but does not know how to express them in English. They are asking each other simple questions about daily life. The man is asking questions such as “Have you eaten?”, “What do you do for a living?”, “Are you South African?” The woman is asking questions such as “Why do you live in South Africa?” The work is performed with Elsa Lourens.

Artist's Biography

Philippe Kayumba-wa-Yafolo: Born: Kinshasa, DRC, 1981. Lives and works in Cape Town. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Kinshasa, and was selected to participate in the Studio Atelier d’art actuel d’Afrique in Kinshasa. He also participated in the Letter Carving in Stone at the Castle of Good Hope. Major exhibitions: Museum of Fine Arts Academy, Kinshasa; Pan African Market Space Station Festival, Cape Town; VANSA Spin Space

Elsa Lourens: Born: Dundee, 1983. Lives and works in Stellenbosch. Received her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from the Design School South Africa. She is currently completing her BA(FA) at Stellenbosch University.