Phillip Raiford Johnson

26°12’19.15”S ; 28° 2’30.02”E (Installation, Size variable)

26°12’19.15”S ; 28° 2’30.02”E (Installation, Size variable)

Artist's Statement

26°12’19.15”S ; 28° 2’30.02”E is the latest in a series of works dealing with ‘mapping’ of our everyday reality. As the ever-expanding ‘space’ of the Internet begins to encroach on our ‘reality’, we are forced to consider the legitimacy of this new global reality and the possibilities it represents. 26°12’19.15”S ; 28° 2’30.02”E looks at the mediating nature of the Internet and how an experience can be reduced to information, broadcast as code across the Internet, and then recycled to become an experience again, side-stepping the usual constants of time and space. I hope to address our notion of space, security, and experience, exploring the discrepancies and similarities between reality, our ideas around space, and space that exists only through the Internet.

Artist's Biography

Born: Pretoria, 1986. Lives and works in Johannesburg. Received his BA(FA) (Hons). Major exhibitions: Gordart Gallery, Johannesburg Art Gallery and World Art Gallery, in Johannesburg; Cape Africa Platform Biennale, Cape Town.