Richard Penn

Quaoar (enhanced) (Pastel on paper, 140 x 140 cm)

Quaoar (enhanced) (Pastel on paper, 140 x 140 cm)

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Artist's Statement

 Initially I worked with photographic imagery in which I examined certain gestures of my father which threw me back to my childhood and brought to the surface intimations and images of my grandfather. As I tracked in on these images in order to get closer to a particular gesture, the grain of the photographs started to take on a kind of genetic significance and to resemble, in their dispersal of images across a field, galactic images of far reaches of our universe. In this way the idea of the very far and the very large started to come together with notions of the very close and the very small in drawings in ink on paper. The origins of gesture, of life, of familial bonds and of the universe are bound up in the techniques and idioms with which I depict this process of peering into the past through images of the present.

Artist's Biography

Born: 1976. Lives and works in Johannesburg. Received his BA(FA) and his MFA (with distinction) in 2009, from the University of the Witwatersrand. Awards and scholarships: Sasol New Signatures Art Competition (overall winner), Everard Read Art Award (merit prize).