Roelof van Wyk

Young Afrikaner, A Self Portrait: Jurie-Jan (Photographic prints, 100 x 150 cm)

Young Afrikaner, A Self Portrait: Jurie-Jan (Photographic prints, 100 x 150 cm)

Artist's Statement

This entry is a representative selection of 4/48 portrait studies of young Afrikaners, the first post-apartheid generation. The complete project serves as a self-portrait of the Afrikaner photographer. Each of the subjects is an Afrikaner. They are also personal friends of the photographer and, in choosing whom to photograph, the photographer is slowly creating this contemporary self-portrait. The individuals are well aware of their own picture’s making and their role therein, but are wholly unaware of the existing/ nonexisting relationships they have with each other (apart from the tribe), and how that web will now define them. However, this project is perhaps less about what an Afrikaner looks like, than it is about looking at an Afrikaner. Can you read the image without projecting your own historical perception of what an Afrikaner is, and should look like, into the image? Can you even look at an image of an Afrikaner without a notion of race? And if you say ‘yes’, then when do you do so?

Artist's Biography

Born: East London, 1969. Lives and works in Johannesburg. Received his BArch from the University of Pretoria in 1995. Major exhibitions: The Premises, Johannesburg; Brett Kebble Art Awards 2005; Spier Contemporary 2007/08.