Roxandra Dardagan Britz

My Life as a Suitcase (Performance)

My Life as a Suitcase (Performance)

Artist's Statement

When I travel I put my life in a bag and tend to take too much ‘stuff’. I often struggle to fit everything in, especially after a trip away where I have accumulated more. The contents of the bag are a highly personal portrait of me. After all the effort involved in squeezing the case closed, something inevitably gets left out. In this case it is the towel, a seemingly utilitarian item which is, in fact, the most personal item: it’s something we shed our skin on, a body print of sorts. The suitcase becomes a metaphor not only for arriving and leaving but also for shedding and renewal; in short, for the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

Artist's Biography

Born: Harare, Zimbabwe, 1962. Lives and works in Grahamstown. Received her UED and her MFA from Rhodes University. Major exhibitions: Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town; Chicago Museum, USA; Gallery Delta, Zimbabwe.