Tegan Bristow

UnSaid (New media installation, Size variable)

UnSaid (New media installation, Size variable)

Artist's Statement

UnSaid speaks to the intense magnification of the relationship between being ‘present’ in the world and communications media. The piece was born out of an interest in ego and the need for excessive selfpromotion, particularly in the creative industry. It speaks of ‘presence’ and ‘showing’ driven purely by ‘putting oneself out’, a state supported in digital communication culture. UnSaid uses facial recognition software. The computer does not have the human investigative quality we tend to impose on it: its judgement is purely mathematical. Facial recognition is used as an interactive strategy that includes or excludes the viewers, depending on their ‘performance’. The work puts the viewers in the potentially difficult position in which they must ‘act out’ in order for the work to be complete and understood in its entirety. UnSaid (New media installation, Size variable)

Artist's Biography

Born: Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, 1977. Lives and works in South Africa. Received her BA(FA) and her MA in Digital Art.