Vusumuzi Derrick Nxumalo

The Drakensberg Lodge (Acrylic on paper, 64 x 45 cm)

The Drakensberg Lodge (Acrylic on paper, 64 x 45 cm)

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Artist's Statement

My work is different from that of other artists because I use different colours which are bright and different in style and design. Each and every piece I do is not the same. Any work I do has got its own pattern. When I want to start a painting I must collect materials first and then I have to choose an image. I cannot work fast because of the paint and details of my work. I like my work very much. This piece is about accommodation for tourists near Drakensberg, a place where tourists are most likely to be every season of the year. opposit e: The waterfall is one of the places that visitors or tourists wish to visit during their tours. Most waterfalls are found up in the mountain areas near big rivers. If you make a visit, the beauty of the colourful trees and flowers and birds and animals is found. It’s peaceful and quiet. It attracts me so much. I used to look very carefully at each flower. This encourages me to make my artworks.

Artist's Biography

Born: Umzinto, 1962. Lives and works in Kwa-Dumisa. Major exhibitions: Cape Town Triennial; Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, Durban Art Gallery and The African Art Centre, in Durban; Standard Bank Arts Festival; Zabalaza Art Festival, Oxford, UK; The Arnolfi Gallery, London; L’Altra Contemporanea; Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.